Nelida Coy

Erotica Author

Sci-fi and paranormal erotic romance. Explore forbidden desires set in fantasy realms, the far-flung stars, or even right next door.

A dying race, a defeated Earth - the saving of both.

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Have the N’Gali taken this planet only to discover it’s their species that is lost?

Izabella never thought captivity would be so boring. Days run together on the giant ship hovering above Earth with nothing to do but fantasize about her delicious blue captors.

Her fantasies come true when one of her captors takes her from her cell to lush and decadent bower. The alien is a gorgeous specimen of masculinity, and he proves how eager he is to fulfill her every wish.


The N’Gali only know how to conquer, and Earth is the latest to fall to their warriors. Angelina is among the thousands captured and transported to one of the giant motherships orbiting Earth.

Caden’s latest orders are to breed. He’s posted to the mothership after subjugating the little blue planet. He thinks this human female is to serve his pleasure.

Instead, the sexy and dominating Angelina gets the upper hand on the N’Gali fighting man, and teaches the undefeated warrior the joy of submission.

Caden’s response to the Earth female baffles him, even as he’s aroused by her fiendish torments.


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