Not Exactly Precognition

I’ve been having these dreams for years. It’s usually Seattle, only rarely is it some other town – SoCal once or twice, a couple times places I don’t know.


It’s unlike the Seattle of now though. It’s beat up. There’s not nearly as many people, the population has been severely reduced. The buildings are not all intact, and there’s a lot more water everywhere.


I don’t know what happened, it might have been a war, but it was a war where the Light’s victory was assured. I never feel like I’m in danger. Sometimes I’m tired, or cautious, but I’m never, ever fearful.


My husband is there, maybe not immediately present with me in the dream, but I know he’s around and I’ll see him again soon. It still feels like home. And even though it’s pretty beat up, I feel hope. I’m usually alone on the streets, but I don’t feel unsafe. In fact, there’s a general sense of things being better after some rough times. There’s no hardship, no sense of lack. Even though a lot of the buildings look somewhat run down, there’s still electricity, services. Maybe not as many cars, but it’s not the dark ages.


Sometimes, I’m on the shore of a lake. It’s not where I live, but I go there sometimes to study with a wise woman. She tested me, and said I could keep coming back to visit her, to learn. She lives in a trailer, it’s got this antique feel to it. It’s dark and candle lit, with incense smoke trailing around and perfuming the air. I feel no fear here, only gratitude that I am able to learn from her.


Sometimes, I’m in a haunted house, and I need to clear it. The ghosts may be angry, or complacent, or confused, but I help them all to cross over.


Sometimes, I’m in a battle skirmish. Me, my husband, and our group. We’re good though, none of us are particularly worried about the outcome of the war – we know we’ll be victorious. I know we need to be cautious, but the actual danger level is low to moderate. Just enough to be exciting.


These dreams have been going on for at least a decade. They’ve felt distant, I’ve always known that it wasn’t now, it wasn’t the time. They felt like they were taking place in the future. Until now.


It’s not so much that the dreams I was having before have come true. Rather that the energy of my dreams, the feel of them, their vibrational frequency, is matching the now. Right now.


Now these dreams are immediate. Right around the corner. The message is that it’s about to happen. Only I don’t know what. The other message – don’t be afraid.


Fear is what the enemy wants us to feel. Fear is the enemy. We are strongest when we hold the Light and Love in our Hearts. Then we are undefeatable.


What works for me? Breathing, grounding. Releasing any heavy energies into the Earth for renewal. Drawing the Earth’s energy up to clear and cleanse. Epsom salt baths to clear and cleanse.


Use whatever methods you have, or reach out and research ones that you can use to hold yourself in the highest possible vibration. Open your heart chakra, feel the Love of your highest, truest self, the Love of Spirit, of Source, of Creator filling you until there is no space for fear or doubt to remain.


UFO’s Are Real – But Can You Handle the Truth?


UFO’s Are Real! The DoD, Harry Reid, a Navy pilot, even Tom DeLonge all say so.

This has been the It Topic in the paranormal community since the ground-breaking New York Times article on December 16th. I give you the CliffsNotes here.

Pretty cool, right? It’s huge! But…

There’s so much more to the UFO subject than just this sudden flurry of media attention. There is no quick, easily digestible sound byte that will summarize the last 70 years.

That’s right. The modern UFO age began in 1947 with the Maury Island incident, Kenneth Arnold’s Rainier sighting and of course – Roswell. That’s 70 years of secrecy and cover-up to work through. It’s gonna take a sec for some people to process. Especially if you’re just starting to explore the UFO community.

I had a conversation with an acquaintance about the NYT’s piece, and it was enlightening. It profoundly illustrated for me how much work we in the UFO community have to do to make this topic readily accessible to the mainstream public.

This guy is intelligent, though with a deplorable tendency toward pontification and talking over people. However, even with those caveats, he’s also struck me as open-minded, so when I asked if he’d read the article or heard about the Pentagon’s release his answer surprised me.

First, he insisted, there wasn’t any evidence (Um, excuse me?) He man-splained in some detail from the We Have Bigger Issues to Discuss, and Why Would Aliens Bother Coming Here scripts. And finished with this shocker: “But I haven’t read the article.”

He then professed to be “very well read on the subject” but also “very skeptical.” <<<Except, how well read are you if you haven’t read this? Or use those words “no evidence?”>>> We need skeptics. We do! Too often though, this takes the form of denying any and every claim because it’s not reproducible in a lab, or written up in a peer-reviewed journal.

Skepticism is necessary in this field, but it’s more common cousin, cynicism is stifling. Cynics already have their mind made up that this subject is nonsense. They find data points that support their views, and exclude everything else.


My friend was cynical. Because his reaction when I told him that the Pentagon ran this program, that they determined these things were not of this Earth, and had recovered materials, was to shut down and talk over me. His eyes glazed, and he even got defensive. “I can’t have this discussion because I haven’t read the article.” He heard me, but he didn’t want to accept that there had been official acknowledgment. He even said “I’m sure they didn’t say UFO’s exist” after stating he hadn’t read the article.

The news is a paradigm shift. It is going to get really uncomfortable for a lot of people, as it did for this guy. Almost every day since the 16th the online outlets have run a UFO-related story. Sometimes two.

I’m not talking about some local Gazette reporting on the farmer who saw a flying disc out in his field. I mean The Big Guys, the Main Stream Media:  New York Times, Newsweek, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Fox and more. Don’t take my word for it – go Google it for yourself.

Remember, prior to the 16th there might have been a single story in the MSM every few weeks to months, with the obligatory wink-and-nudge. These pieces were treated as fluff, and were accompanied by humor or even outright derision. The pervasive attitude in the news and journalistic media has been universally negative, and the whole UFO subject has been ignored, belittled and marginalized. This has been by design, and our current societal perceptions of UFO’s is the result of decades of propaganda. More on that at another time.

If you’re new to the UFO world, here’s something you need to know:  The UFO community is huge, diverse, and can be vicious in defense of individual pet theories. There is some stuff that you’d think was swiped from a science fiction novel. It is, from an outside observer’s viewpoint, full of contradictory, fantastical claims and there is little cohesion within the community. Quite the opposite, there’s often outright warfare between factions. This too, is by design, and again, more on that later.

It is however, also full of wonderful, open, genuine people who are striving to bring about real disclosure. They aren’t hard to find either. There are trustworthy sources, there are outlets that bring real, verifiable evidence. There are whistleblowers, insiders, and journalists who bring this fascinating phenomenon to the wider world through blogs and podcasts.

Most important, a new call for unity among the UFO community is rising. To put differences aside, to work together, to bring the truth out to the wider public.

That’s the absolute heart of the matter – We want the truth. We deserve the truth. Those of us who’ve been in this world, we know. We absolutely know. The UFO phenomena is real. But it’s about more than just extraterrestrials in metal ships zooming through our skies. This is where it gets a little sticky, because not everyone in the field wants to acknowledge that there is more than just nuts and bolts spaceships.

There are key facts, that must be acknowledged to form true unity in the community. These include the following:

  • Hard evidence exists – recorded data, recovered material, physical effects, etc., and more.
  • There are spiritual and paranormal aspects associated with UFO phenomena.
  • Perception of UFO’s is dependent on the individual. Personal accounts will therefore naturally be tempered by individual filters, and discrepancies will result. These should be honored as personal, but perhaps not absolute truths.
  • There has been active disinformation planted within the UFO community to sow dissention, ridicule, and division by our government and intelligence agencies.

If we start here, acknowledging and agreeing to these basics, we can build from there. Unity and working together will be essential to getting national, even worldwide acknowledgement of the UFO phenomenon. Maybe you only want to look at the spiritual side, or only the physical, that’s up to you. But some recognition of all these aspects will be essential, because they are all part of the whole.

We need to be gentle with those just arriving at the party, we will need to be gentle with those who are having experiences they don’t understand, and we will need to be gentle with ourselves as new truths dispel old.

These are exciting times. Let’s enjoy the ride, support each other and bring real disclosure to the world.


Photo credits:  Foter.com


“UFO’s Are Real,” Said the Pentagon


Did you hear about this? Just last week, The New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, NPR, all reported that the Department of Defense has investigated UFO’s. Not your tin-foil-hat-donning uncle. Not that weird lady up the street with chickens who grows all her own veggies.

The Main Stream Media.

Which yeah, admittedly, I have trust issues with. I kinda trust the bloggers and channelers more than the MSM. But that’s for another time.

There’s suddenly a flurry of UFO related articles. The UFO community is all aflutter – some with joy, some in denial. Amid all the emerging details, one small, but crucial piece is almost lost in the crowd.

The Department of Defense’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program investigated UFO’s. They used fancy language for it – unidentified aerial phenomena, unconventional aerospace-related findings, unusual aerial systems – but it boils down to this irrefutable fact:

The Department of Defense has officially acknowledged a program designed to look for UFO’s, stating it ran from 2007 to about 2012, and cost roughly $22 million.

Let that sink in for just a minute. Just that simple fact.

Because no matter what the nay-sayers may spew, the DoD silently, secretly investigated UFO’s. They consistently denied it. They did their best to discredit it. But they did it.

This is fucking huge.

Disclosure is such a loaded word. Ask any random UFO researchers what they think Disclosure involves, and you’ll probably get multiple answers.

“Aliens gotta land on the White House lawn!”

“The President’s gonna come out and announce it.”

While the methods of how, and timing of when, has been hotly debated for some time, there is one constant – official acknowledgment.

This is it folks.


They have said, officially that UFO’s exist. At the conclusion of the program, the overall consensus was that these things aren’t from around here. And… while the DoD says AATIP ended in 2012, the guy that ran the program from an office in the Pentagon says differently. He has said there is a successor to his position, but did not name this person.

That’s Disclosure. It might not be how you imagined it. It might not be how you wanted it. But it’s real. Our world is going to change. Hang on, it’s about to get very interesting.

Because here’s a few truths that you may not have considered, that go right along with the recent news.

To all those who said “There’s no such thing as UFO’s.” Clearly incorrect. Volumes of accounts, video, eyewitness, physical traces, physical effects, all documented; and the conclusion – no country on Earth has this technology. This is going to be very difficult truth for some people to accept. We need to be gentle and understanding with those who struggle with this new knowledge.

To the claim, “There’s no evidence.” Yes, there is. The NY Times article describes video and audio recordings, eye-witness testimony from military pilots, even “metal alloys and other materials … recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.” These need to be studied openly, and by as many different labs and universities as possible around the world. Transparency with results is essential.

To the scoffers who sneered, “They could never keep a secret that big.” Yes, they have. Demonstrably so. Harry Reid said it was paid for with black money, and they didn’t want a lot of discussion about it. They hid this for years, deliberately. The reason it’s coming out is because the guy who ran it got an attack of conscience.

Also, you gotta ask, “What else have they hidden from us? What else have they lied about?” This is just the tip of the iceberg. This is just the beginning.

What else will come to light?

Oh yeah, there’s issues. Of course there are. There are plenty out there who will put the negative spin to this, and have. It will be diminished, degraded, attacked – it already has been. And it will be celebrated, praised, and defended – this too is happening right now.

It should be. It should be talked about from every angle. Because it’s been kept in the dark for far too long.

Don’t just take my word for it – read about it yourself. Google it. Do your own research and use your own discernment. What they are has yet to be determined, but we’ve hit a huge milestone – open acknowledgement that UFO’s are real.



NY Times:  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/16/us/politics/pentagon-program-ufo-harry-reid.html

And:   https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/18/insider/secret-pentagon-ufo-program.html


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Harry Reid interview:  http://www.lasvegasnow.com/news/i-team-exclusive-sen-reid-discusses-ufo-study/883885259

Photo Credits:  Foter.com


TV I Love – Black Mirror


It’s on Netflix, and if you haven’t seen it yet, go! Go now and add it to your queue. Go on, I’ll wait.

Ok. Are you old enough to remember the series The Outer Limits? Or am I dating myself again? Black Mirror is very much like OL, in that each episode is self-contained. No continuity or regular characters, just one shattering episode after another.

Unlike other series on Netflix that I’ve binge-watched (Stranger Things, Daredevil) where I would power through 3, 4, or even 5 episodes in a sitting, I can really only take 2 episodes of Black Mirror. Because they’re that good, and that twisted. I study them because someday I want to be able to write like that.

They’re science fiction, but not in the Star Wars/Trek/Guardians of the Galaxy sense. The fiction part of the science is fully plausible by our current standards, it just hasn’t been done yet.

They’re dystopian, but not in a post-apocalyptic sense. Viewers will see themselves and current society in every episode. You’ll be fascinated and mortified at the same.

They are dark. They take our deepest fears, our worst urges, and petty foibles and push them the very limits.

They are twisted. In the “Wow, I never saw that coming” sense.

They hit you hard, from Episode One. But one episode in particular has stayed with me, and I just can’t quite shake the emotional reaction I had to it. It’s the second episode of the second season, called White Bear.

I won’t spoil it, I want you to watch it and feel all the feels.

Come back once you’ve seen it, and let me know what you think. Because when I got to the end of the episode, I found myself thinking – That looks like a really good, horrific idea. I wonder when that’ll happen?

The storm is coming in and I may be snowed in – guess what I’m going to watch!



TV I Love – Westworld


Wondering what to watch in this long, cold stretch until Game of Thrones returns with the summer? I have one word for you.


I never saw the original movie with Yul Brynner, so I came to this with no expectations or preconceived notions. I knew the basic premise – robots in an amusement park of the future – but that’s about it.

I have been blown away.

The actors are all fantastic! The entire cast deserves high praise for their portrayals. Of course, Anthony Hopkins always delivers. Ed Harris is chilling, Thandie Newton is delightful, and the list goes on.

The writing is smart, and the story compelling. It raises questions about the fundamental nature of humanity. Sure, if you want, you can just watch the surface action – killers and robots in a mock Wild West. Or you can follow where the writers really want you to go, and examine concepts of consciousness and the meaning of life. Deep, right? I love it!

Westworld will draw you in and hold fast. Three episodes in and already I’m counting down to next Sunday. Watch this one. If you’re hungry for complex story lines, characters you’ll love (and love to hate), and a show that makes you think and feel, you don’t want to miss Westworld.

Check out the trailer. Don’t let the “mature” label scare you. If you’ve watched Game of Thrones you won’t see anything that’ll shock you.


Books I Loved – Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews is the pen name of a husband-wife writing team. They have multiple series containing an impressively long list of titles. How am I only just finding out about them? Glad I did though.

Magic Bites is first in the Kate Daniels series. Set in Atlanta after a magical apocalypse, Kate Daniels is a bad-ass mercenary. I kinda love it when female leads are as tough as tougher than the men. In this first offering, Kate is set on the trail of the bad guys that murdered her mentor.

Fast-paced, with lots of action, Magic Bites reeled me in and demanded to be finished. It has what you’d expect in a paranormal thriller – magic, shapeshifters, vampires – but this writing duo gave this jaded paranormal reader vivid new takes on the standard themes. It hooked me hard and I am moving on to the following books.

Head on over to their website and find one for yourself.


World Disclosure Day


Did you miss it? July 8 is World Disclosure Day!

Most, if not all, UFO enthusiasts, researchers, and listeners of late night talk radio have heard the term Disclosure. It refers generally to the public acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth by the government.

The idea of Disclosure is super sexy. The press crowding in for the presidential briefing – Lights! Camera! Aliens! Whee! Media Circus! Discussions can get very heated even amongst UFO enthusiasts about Disclosure. Will it happen? When? This year? Never? Have They been hiding what they know? Do They know anything at all?

“Oooo! She’s cray-cray! Talking about aliens and conspiracies.” Insert twirling finger next to your ear here.

Don’t believe me? That’s okay, I want you to think for yourself. This post isn’t about convincing you, or providing absolute proof. It’s about opening up your mind.

It’s time to start seriously considering the UFO question. If you’re worried about looking silly to your neighbor, chances are they’re already ahead of you. Multiple polls show that most Americans believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life; those numbers range from 56% to over 70%, and almost half believe aliens have visited the Earth at some point in time. Not feeling so crazy now, are you?

Don't worry, you're in good company.
Don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Acknowledging the reality of intelligent alien life doesn’t require mystical belief. According to NASA, we will have proof of alien life within the next 20 years. The search for planets capable of sustaining life outside our solar system has proven fruitful beyond even the most hardened sci-fi fan’s wildest dreams. Finding life even closer to home – Mars, the moons of Saturn and Jupiter – becomes increasingly more likely the more we learn about them.

There are then, three basic premises to consider.

  • IF – Intelligent extraterrestrial life is visiting Earth,
  • AND – Earth governments are aware of the fact,
  • THEN – A conspiracy to hide that fact from the general population is in place.

Let’s look at each of these statements individually.

Intelligent extraterrestrial life is visiting the Earth.

At this point the number of eyewitness testimonials is uncountable, going back as far as humankind has been recording history.

  • Egytian, Sumerian, Indian texts, even the Bible all have passages describing lights, fire and vehicles in the sky that transport people and gods.
  • Depictions of aerial phenomena, from cave art to to appearances in the earliest photographs, to YouTube today attest to their presence.
  • Reports to MUFON and other UFO reporting groups continue to accumulate with no sign of slowing down.
  • First-hand accounts of people taken into extraterrestrial craft; the alien abduction phenomena.

Is every picture, report or video real? Each one will have it’s believers and deniers. Some will be obvious, some will not stand up to forensic scrutiny. But some will, and some have. It is statistically impossible for every case to be fake. Project Bluebook alone, widely considered to be more of a PR mission than a true investigation, had 701 cases it could not explain.

These cases continue to mystify:

  • The Rendlesham Forest Incident
  • Roswell
  • Travis Walton



“It only takes one white crow to prove not all crows are black.”

“Why don’t we have physical proof if they’ve landed?” Take a look at the links at the end of my post for information on the thousands of cases where physical traces have been found. Burn marks, impressions of landing gear, even changes to plant life in the area have all been studied.

Earth governments are aware of the fact.

Multiple governments have released documents showing that persistent, on-going investigations and documentation are taking place. France, the U.K., Canada, New Zealand even the U.S. have released declassified documents detailing UFO encounters from civilian, military and intelligence individuals and organizations.

Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense for Canada has publicly stated that governments are aware of, and in contact with extraterrestrials. Astronauts have described seeing extraterrestrial craft and beings. Nick Pope with the U.K. Ministry of Defense has frequently spoken about government involvement. Deathbed confessions by scientists who formerly worked within the military-industrial complex attest to government involvement in retrieval of crashed vehicles, bodies of aliens and then back-engineering the recovered technology.

A conspiracy to hide that fact from the general population is in place.

Governments hide things all the time.

In Roswell, the ‘flying disk’ became a ‘weather balloon’ on July 8, 1947, and a decades-long cover-up began.

“Where are the whistleblowers?” NASA employees, physicists, astronauts, military pilots, politicians, engineers, government employees… and the list keeps growing! Lots and lots of people are talking, are telling their stories, but the mainstream media is not giving them the airtime. It’s left to independent researchers, bloggers and the Internet to disperse their messages, and the word is getting out there.

“Why cover it up at all?” In 1960, NASA commissioned a study, carried out by the Brookings Institution, on “Peaceful Space Activities.” While it did not specifically state that information about extraterrestrial intelligent life should be withheld, the study did point out that within our own history, contact between races with widely divergent technological capabilities did not go so well for the less-technically endowed.

That would be us.

The Brookings Report is frequently cited as the justification for continuing the cover-up that began in 1947.

There is at this point a preponderance of evidence on the side of a government conspiracy to hide UFO information from the public. The argument could easily be made that the slow trickle of documents and admissions is a form of slow disclosure – little bits of information released with little to no fanfare that gradually percolate into general knowledge. Programs such as Ancient Aliens, and Aliens:  The Definitive Guide are tailor made to bring the idea of alien visitation into everyone’s home.

Take your time. Peruse through the links below. Did you find something that surprised you?


Helpful linkies for further reading:










Spooked in Seattle Tour – Fun AND Ghosts

Yesterday was my birthday. No, you don’t need to know how old I am.

Hub was out of town playing The Demon in the KISS tribute band Almost Human. Breathing fire and spitting blood in Butte, Montana. That’s my rock star Hub. It’s all good; he was making money and I was partying with my friends. And by partying I mean going to a late morning breakfast with friends, napping and reading all day, then dinner and a ghost tour that night with another friend. Living that rock’n’roll life!


My friend Kim and I took the 8:15 tour with Spooked in Seattle. I’ll say it right now, if you’re in Seattle, take this tour. A little history, a little spookiness and the chance of getting some paranormal activity. Which we did. Yes, I’ll get to that. Jerome was our guide; he was funny, theatrical and did a great job.

This is a walking tour, and the sidewalks and establishments of Seattle are treacherously cobbled charmingly rustic in spots, so stilettos are not recommended. Haunted spots visited highlighted a blend of older spirits dating back to Seattle’s founding to more modern spirits from just a few decades ago. With a tablet and speaker, Jerome shared with the group EVP’s caught by their professional ghost hunting team and pictures taken by tour guides and guests alike showing paranormal activity.

Spooked In Seattle tours are given by “real ghost hunters.” This group offers more than just to tour you around haunted places, they actually conduct paranormal investigations that you can participate in. The tours take you inside a couple places that are notorious “hot spots” of spirit activity, the Merchant Cafe and Spooked in Seattle’s portion of the Seattle Underground, but time there is limited. Jerome informed us that on an investigation the group spends a few hours in one location, late in the evening – minimizing distractions and sounds from other patrons. Kim and I decided we need to go on an investigation next.

IMG_1925The Merchant Cafe is the oldest continuously operating restaurant/bar in Seattle, and it has several resident spirits. It also has this picture hanging toward the back of the room on the main floor. While my lowly iPhone took what I’m sure most people get – a picture of the woman with reflections in the glass – we were shown something that I had never seen or heard of before.

To just look at the picture, all you see is the woman against a flat, featureless black background. In photos, you get either the reflections like you see in my pic from the room and it’s lights if you don’t use a flash (that’s my hand holding my iPhone off to the left), or flash glare from the glass if you do. Except for one photo Jerome shared with the group in which the black background is replaced with a shadowy room showing among other things a ladder and a chair – which do not match the room’s environment at all. No flash was used, and there’s no reflection from the room and lights as you see in my picture, yet a very different room from the one the picture actually rests in was clearly visible in this one picture. It was eerie and beautiful.

It was while we were taking pictures of this haunted picture that Kim had a touch from the spirit realm. She held her phone up to snap the pic and felt the pressure of a presence near her head and heard a woman’s voice speaking. Kim couldn’t make out the words, but she said it was so clearly a woman’s voice she thought for a moment she’d turned on a video. But when she checked her phone no other apps were open.

The tour concluded in a portion of Seattle’s Underground that forms part of Spooked in Seattle’s Pioneer Square location. There they have Seattle’s only Death Museum which displays a rather chilling collection of haunted dolls, mourning jewelry (made from human hair!), mortician’s equipment, and other artifacts of death and dying.

I don't know why anyone would give these to a child to play with. They seem designed to induce nightmares.
I don’t know why anyone would give these to a child to play with. They seem designed to induce nightmares.


I call that a successful ghost tour! Good, true stories plus a little brush of paranormal activity. Happy birthday to me! Yes, it was a great one!

Have you taken a ghost tour? Have you experienced anything paranormal? Tell me about it below!


Well, Hello! Yeah, It’s Been A While…

Do you remember this song?

I always loved this song and the hopefulness in the lyrics. Listening to England Dan and John Ford Coley gives me this happy, nostalgic feeling. Like a homecoming, warm and familiar, and oh-so-glad to be back. That’s what it feels like to come back to this blog.

Hi! Do you remember me? Almost 2 years ago I wrote this post. Yeah, 1 or 2 weeks became almost 2 years. I’ve missed you guys! But it’s been a really incredible time, and I wanted to share some of my adventures with you.

I hurt my shoulder. Still hurts, but still writing. Working on it.

I put my (mostly) completed novel on hold, and finished a first draft manuscript for a non-fiction book. This one even has a publisher! More on that later.

I lost a good friend.

HaHaHaHa!  Your accent is terrible!
HaHaHaHa! Your accent is terrible!

I made a new one.

X071814bThe seasons changed, my garden grew and ebbed. My chickens still peck and scratch in my yard.

Overall, life is good. I’m looking forward to getting re-acquainted and hearing all about your adventures and life stories.  I’ll be touring around Blogville – checking in on all my favorite writers – I’ll see you there. And you can find me on Facebook too!

Happy New Year to all of you. Here’s to making 2015 great!


Wild Wednesday – A Short Break

It’s just for a week or two.  I strained my shoulder and it would make my physical therapist very happy if I take a brief break from extended writing.  It’s important to keep this woman happy, she has the means and the will to inflict torture on my already aching shoulder.

In the meantime, you can find me on Facebook, I’ll be checking in there, probably more often since I’ll have all this extra free time.  Ha!

Be back soon!