About Me … I’m one of the weirdos…


Yeah, you probably wouldn’t guess it when you first meet me. I pass for “normal” but the truth is, it’s carefully constructed camouflage.

I was the strange kid in school that got picked on – I read too much, and the wrong kind of books. While other girls my age were content with Judy Blume and Tiger Beat, I was reading Robert Heinlein and Anne McCaffrey. With some Edgar Rice Burroughs for good measure.

The crown jewel, I played Dungeons and Dragons. Oh the names! Geek, Nerd, Freak… I got called all of them, and more. I was the shy, quiet one reading in the corner who was the easy target.

It didn’t help that I could also talk to dead people (among other things), starting with the little old lady who died in my house. You can read about her, here. I knew she was real, even if my parents tried to tell me it was all just my imagination.

I did have friends – real, human ones! But they all went to other schools. So I never had a lot of pressure to conform, and found it pretty easy to follow my own path. It’s lead me to some pretty amazing experiences. I’ve trained exotic animals – sea lions, cheetahs, wolves. I’ve been a nurse; trust me, you don’t want those details. I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher, a medium and a psychopomp – means ‘conductor of the dead’ – I help spirits cross the Veil. I’ve seen a UFO or two.

I’ve learned to own my weirdness, rather than try and cram into some society-approved mold.

I am a freak – I’m freakishly good at several things that many people aren’t, including training animals, starting IV’s, writing, and talking to beings who aren’t quite fully in this world.

I am a geek – Old school movies like Star Wars, A New Hope still gets me teary eyed. I laugh at all the D&D, LOTR and science jokes on Big Bang Theory, then have to explain them to my husband. Stories of far away worlds and epic adventures still have the power take me away.

Which brings you, here. I hope you like what you find. Take a look, leave a comment. Let’s peel back the veil that shrouds these topics and take a peek at what lies on the other side.

Because we could all use a little weirdness in our lives.


11 thoughts on “About Me … I’m one of the weirdos…”

  1. I have spent a good part of my day reading through your blog. I found you through comments on another blog about writing. You did her blog training class, I think. Anyways, I have really enjoyed reading what you have written. By the way that non-fan you mentioned under the Trolls post, should spend the night in the Macy’s store in Walla Walla WA. He might change his mind. I use to close the store with one other person, and I worked alone in the basement office. Vault doors would open by themselves, and this spirit which I believe to be a male spirit use to play with my soda bottles, he loved to release the air and make the sound. Then there was the alarm… Yep that was his favorite thing to play with. I am shocked that he never actually set it off. He only came out to “play” when there were just a few of us. Oh he loved making the sound of your cell phone ringing while you were going to the bathroom! He was well known by the employees there who had worked late at night. He had a light playful spirit. The first time he started to play with the vault door, I walked over and opened it for him, telling him “here let me help you with that.” He answered “Thank You” as a wind blew past me. From then on I was his favorite play mate at night. I could feel his laughter has he would let the fizz out of my soda. I also seem to be an magnet for spirits.

    I too have trained dogs, so I really enjoyed what you have written. At some point I want to be come certified in Reiki. I have wanted to do this for 3 or 4 years now, but have not had the time.

    Peace and Harmony,

  2. Interesting blog! I’ll have to come back and check it out more throughly when I have time. I especially like your weird weekend posts. Consider yourself followed! 🙂

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