Serena Dracis

Paranormal Author

A little bit about me...

I’ve cuddled with wolves and cheetahs, and called hawks out of the sky. I’ve helped bring people back from the dead.

Yes, that’s me snuggling that spotted cutie during my career as an exotic animal trainer.

In addition to a rich professional life as a trainer and a nurse, I’ve also explored and trained my psychic abilities through different modalities. I am a  medium and psychopomp, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and animal communicator.

Now, I write – fiction and non-fiction. My Psychic Development series will help you learn how to work with your own natural abilities. If you’re into paranormal topics, if you love weird, and are fascinated by the strange and mysterious – I invite you explore my works.

Are you an experiencer? Have you seen ghosts, UFO’s, or had other paranormal encounters?  Be sure you check out my blog.

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