Waking Up, Awakening, and Woke

It’s a popular new buzz word:  Woke. Also Awake, or Awakening.

You’ll see them all over social media:

  • I had my awakening in …
  • I am woke af.
  • You need to wake up.

It’s used in a variety of contexts, but in popular usage it means someone who has their eyes opened to the true facts of a situation. It frequently leads these “waking up” peeps down various rabbit holes of conspiracy theories.

If those words, “conspiracy theory” make you cringe, maybe this is your wake up call. Because if you’re first thought when you hear them is “our government would never…” then it’s definitely time to stop hitting snooze and take a deeper look. That’s a whole other conversation.

In spiritual and metaphysical aspects it refers to being awakened to larger realities. The existence of multiple dimensions, beings who inhabit those other planes, and our own expanded spiritual existence.

Many describe being “asleep” prior to some catalyzing event that opened their eyes to this bigger reality and truth.

Much like an alarm going off early in the morning, Awakening events are typically not easy or pleasant. They are soul-shaking. They force you to confront some very fundamental beliefs about your own being and the wider world. Friends have been lost, relationships shattered. Lives forever altered. People uproot and move away to new locales. Awakening takes many forms, but it is always about change and growth.

Awakenings can be triggered by external events, and you can have multiple awakening events. But true Awakening comes from within. It is a discovery of yourself.

The spiritual path is one of Awakening. They are inextricably bound together.

As you progress on your journey, know that you may find your world shifting before you, in completely unexpected ways. Know that in many ways, you are the one who chose the challenges you face. You selected them as your life lessons.

Yeah, yeah, I know, that sounds just so pat and dismissive of all your pain. That’s not the intention.

“You chose this path.”

Well, yes, you did. Not 3D physical you, currently suffering, but Infinite You. Your True Self who wanted these experiences because they’re hard, and painful.

Sometimes – and this is just incredibly difficult to wrap your head around -but sometimes the bad choices you make are for your own growth. Because if you’d had the easy path the whole way, you never would have broken out of that rut you were in.  And yes, I speak from direct experience here.

Like getting up in the morning, hitting that snooze a couple times before shuffling to the kitchen to get your day going can help ease you into these changes. As you move deeper into the Awakened state, like getting those first sips of coffee (or tea), stretching and readying your muscles for the day, it gets easier.

For us Lightworkers and Starseeds – well because of what we signed up for when we incarnated, it often seems like we got a bigger helping of truly sucky life challenges.

I am surely not the only one to suffer and get through dark times. In some cases I was blindsided, but others, I walked in with my eyes wide open. One thing consistently got me through.

When I made my choices from love, and for the highest good, I got the best outcomes.

 A lot of times, I didn’t. Chose from love, that is.

Sometimes, yesssss, I made that choice with some gritting of my teeth because I. Didn’t. Want. To! But I knew in my heart it was the right thing.

It wasn’t easy either, to make that choice when the other path felt so right, so vindicating.

But time has proved over and over that choosing love leads to developing a rich, satisfying life.

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