5 Psychic Protections for Paranormal Investigations

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Ghost hunting is the new, fun thing. The plethora of paranormal reality shows on multiple cable channels testifies to the popularity of experiencing a touch of the spirit world.

Want to try it yourself? Plenty of paranormal groups offer tours and pay-to-play ghost hunts. If you’re in a city, chances are good a quick Internet search will hook you up with local investigators. You might make new friends and want to get even more involved.

If you’re going to go a-hunting, you must take steps to protect yourself. All the rules for self-protection in non-paranormal situations apply.

  • Stay alert.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings.
  • Go with at least one other person.
  • Tell others where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Don’t trespass; always get permission to enter.

Haunted locations are sometimes off the beaten path, far from the safety of a fast 911 reaction time. They’re also sometimes inhabited by purely physical beings who may or may not be there legally. They may not appreciate your wanderings if you’re in what they consider “their space.”


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Physical preparedness is only half the equation, though. What do you do once you’re there, in the space, and shit starts to get weird? The atmosphere shifts, cold settles over you, you feel waves of unsettling emotions, or even a touch, shove or scratch?

Well, damn! Too real for you now? You were hoping for “something” but now you’re getting more than you hoped for? This is not the time to suddenly try and slap up some psychic protections. Take some time before heading out to tune into your own awareness, and take protective measures.

Ummm, psychic what? Whether you think you’re talented in the psy department or not, everyone who walks into a paranormal situation should have some protection, and not the kind you buy in little foil wrappers. Because you’re dealing with beings who may be angry, or may want to try and do you harm, you need to ensure your safety – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

If you walk into a situation unprepared, you increase your risk. That’s just basic common sense. You need to wrap your head around the fact that protecting yourself from discarnate beings is part of interacting with the spiritual realms. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

How do you do that though?

  1. Stay calm. Breathe, meditate, pray, take a walk, do whatever works for you to put you in a calm state of mind. It is not a good idea to walk into a location with heightened emotions running through you. An argument with your significant other, road rage, a bad day at work will all wreak havoc on your peace of mind, generating stress, anger, frustration, sadness. There are discarnate beings who love the taste of these emotions. Quite literally they feed off of them, and if you walk in seething from whatever, you are going to ring like a dinner bell and light up like a neon sign blazing “Come and Get It!” into the aether. So get your head in a Zen space before you get to the location.


  1. Ask for your allies to be near you and keep you safe. Work within whatever spiritual framework resonates with you. Pray for your angels, invoke your guardian spirits, call for your guides, or totem animals. Take time to center yourself, and connect strongly with those beings who love and protect you. Ask that they work with you for the highest good.


  1. Be confident. Not arrogant. Not in the “I’m the baddest bad ass in the place. I will mess you up, demon! Who wants some?” sense. Arrogance and pride are also delicious for these beings. Be confident in your heart that you are coming from a place of compassion. Set your intention that you are trying to help all beings reach a safe, loving place. Be confident that your allies and your protections will keep you safe.


Bragging and taunting have no place in this work. You might certainly get a TV worthy response, but what you are doing in most cases is tormenting a being who is already in excruciating pain. That’s not brave, or admirable – it puts you in the same class as bullies who kick puppies.

  1. Surround yourself with protective, white light. I know, we’ve all heard this one a bazillion times. The White Light, blah, blah. Except, this one works. It does. Plain, simple, effective.

There is a catch though – you gotta feel it and see it. In psychic work, often our other senses kick in and we experience sensations of touch, or scents, hearing voices or seeing visions – either with our physical eyes or 3rd eye. Use this to your advantage when setting up protective shields.

So when I say, see it, I mean I want you to visualize a brilliant white light surrounding you, enveloping you completely. Use your imagination, close your eyes if you need to and see this light around you. If you like, it can be tinged with silver, or blue, or purple, but make it bright and make it white.

When I say feel it, I want you to imagine what it feels like when this light surrounds you. Does it feel cozy and warm? Or pleasantly cool? Is it smooth against your skin? Or soft and fuzzy like a snuggly blanket? What sensations make you feel safe? Imagine those accompany this white light.

Next, set the intention in your mind that this white light will surround you until you consciously remove it. See it, feel it, and then tell yourself this will be with you, protecting you, the whole time.

If at any time you feel like it’s slipping or fading, stop, and re-build it in your mind.

You may want to leave the white light up until you get home. Then remember to consciously take it down.

  1. It’s not just your imagination. Or rather, it is, but your imagination is far more powerful than you probably think. When working in the astral realms or with discarnate beings, thoughts are things. You create with your mind, and you do that with your imagination. It is therefore imperative that you keep your thoughts calm, and clear

It’s a really good idea to cleanse yourself when you leave. Brush a selenite wand over your aura, burn some sage and smudge, whatever cleansing acts work for you. I’ll cover cleansing in detail in another post.

I’m happy to see that interest in the paranormal is on the rise. More and more are waking up to the fact that the world is much bigger, and weirder, than they realized. New investigations, new information are all necessary if we are to truly learn about and understand these strange realms.

Exploring new worlds though, requires caution. Go out there, but do so safely. Common sense and respect are essential.

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My Books

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Love, Mayhem and Undead Slaughter in Regency Dress


Do you love Jane Austen novels? Does Mr. Darcy make you swoon? (Colin Firth, am I right?)


Have you never missed an episode of Walking Dead? Are you feeling withdrawals and desperate to find out who fell victim to Lucile’s bloodlust?

Me too! If you’re looking for some light romance and zombie killing this summer, take a look at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

I read the book by Seth Grahame-Smith back when it was published in 2009, but the movie version just came out this year. So, full disclosure here – it’s farcical nonsense. It’s a romp, and a silly one at that, and if you are an Austen purist, well, I can understand that you might hate it.

But I loved it. LOVED it! I did! It was like going somewhere new with an old friend, and having more fun than I expected.

The Book

Seth uses Jane’s original prose and weaves zombies into it’s Regency world. We are introduced to a society where the feminine arts of dancing, drawing and singing are augmented by training in deadly martial arts to combat the rising tide of hungry undead. Balls and social gatherings are regularly interrupted by marauding herds of brain-hungry newly-risen, and just traveling from house to house in the country is fraught with great peril. Seth’s writing is in addition to the original, but otherwise follows the major arc of Lizzy and Darcy’s story.

What I liked most about this book – it was a fun twist on a much loved old friend. Yes, zombies were fun. The bizarre contrast between the two genres was comedic. Seth clearly wasn’t trying to make it the next great dramatic novel; I don’t think Jane herself took her society too seriously. I found myself laughing twice over, at Jane’s humor, and Seth’s new stylings.

The Movie

They’re all very pretty to look at, every major character is easy on the eyes. Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet, Sam Riley as Fitzwilliam Darcy, Bella Heathcote as Jane Bennet and Douglas Booth as Mr. Bingley make a beautiful foursome that does not have to depend on the lovely period clothing. Like the mashup novel, I don’t think they took themselves too seriously.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Charles Dance as Mr. Bennet and Lena Heady as Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Everyone’s performances made it seem like the whole thing was just a lark for the whole cast – like they were all just there to have fun. I am no acting critic. I don’t think any will get Oscar nods for PP&Z. I suppose too, some will call me simple, or unsophisticated because I was entertained by this.

But I was. I wasn’t expecting great depth or meaning. I wasn’t looking for some deep spiritual connection that would resonate within my soul. I was looking for a light romp to divert my attention for a few hours.

Okay, it was not perfect. I know, you’re shocked. The entire story arc diverges widely from the original. W-i-d-e-l-y. Setting aside that people crawling out of their graves is not very likely, it has some serious plot flaws. I think the filmmakers vastly underestimate how long it takes to get from one place to another on horseback – with Lizzy riding pillion no less! It strained my suspension of disbelief. Strained it, I tell you! But, in a world where refined ladies go to Japan and China to learn how to fight so they can kill zombies, I was already stretching it pretty thin.

You know stretching is good for you though, right? Keeps your mind limber. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is light and funny for whiling away some time. We all need that from time to time.

My Books

Not Your Ordinary Werewolves

Most of my writing has been non-fiction, but I started with fiction about six years ago. I took a break from developing my novels to publish a dog training book, but now I’m going back to creating new worlds and stories.

I have always been in love with the idea of shapeshifters, the merging and blending of human and animal. It speaks to my own deep connection to animals and the wild.

When I was coming up with ideas for my novel, I wanted werewolves in it, but I also wanted something different. I wondered, what if the person wasn’t changing his physical form, but rather joining his soul to his animal counterparts. What would that look like?

And the lupine en-malat were born. I borrowed from the classic werewolf story – a Bite triggers transformation, silver allergies are a very real problem, but the human doesn’t get furry.

Huh? I’ll explain…

Some people live their entire lives and never encounter even a hint of magic. The Veil that divides the Earthplane from the astral realms of the Other is normally impenetrable, keeping the creatures of legend safely in their own worlds. But a few can come and go at will.

The en-malat are one of the few.

When a human is Bitten, a soul-bond is forged between the person on the Earthplane, and not one but two wolf-like creatures who dwell in the Other. This triad of siblings can freely Change places back and forth across the Veil. But, to an observer it looks like the human became the wolf.

New additions to the Pack are carefully selected by the Pack Leader. So Geremy St. Audlin is dismayed when his siblings, Giltaan and Gondar, demand that the sexy  lawyer he’s hired be given the Bite. Further, he must claim her as his Mate!  He might be next in line for Pack Leadership, but Biting and Mating Alisa Nelson would be considered treason and punishable by death.

Geremy’s already fighting to maintain his status in the Pack. His wolf sanctuary project is floundering and only Alisa can save it. So he and his siblings must keep her safe from the demonic saithe stalking her. Because she just might be the key to saving the whole world.


+++The rain here smells even worse! I did not think that was possible. +++ Giltaan grumped to his brothers beyond the Veil as he stalked through the steady drizzle, picking his way delicately between the deeper puddles. They glistened with an unhealthy-looking sheen in the streetlights and he shuddered to think of the oily mud at the bottom squelching between his toes. He wouldn’t mind the rain so much if it didn’t stink so. His undercoat kept him warm and dry, the water running off his harsh outer guard hairs in little rivulets. But the city’s cement walkways felt strange and cold under the sensitive pads of his feet.

Dead. It feels dead. Life is squashed deep beneath this cold human city, Giltaan muttered to himself, keeping his dismal thoughts away from his brothers. The streets and sidewalks separated him from the Earthmother and the lupus did not like feeling so cut off from Her. He leapt up into a large concrete planter filled with small trees and crouched under the branches just to feel real dirt under his feet and smell something with life in it. He glanced upward, seeking his Lady Moon, but he could not catch even a faint glimmer of Her light through the leaves and low cloud cover.

Giltaan patrolled around the building Alisa slept in, senses alert. +++ Not sure I could smell a summoning here, my brother, +++ he sent to Geremy in the Other, then sneezed as one fat raindrop rolled down his long face and into his sensitive nostril. He shook his head to clear it but it didn’t stop the burning from the human pollutants in the droplet. +++What is this place? +++

Geremy’s response from the Other side of the Veil was terse. +++It’s called Olympia. It is full of politicians. That’s why it smells so bad. +++ His en-malat did not like being stuck in the Other, but Geremy was not nearly as skilled at tracking or spellcraft as Giltaan. The lupus knew though, with their deep connection, that Geremy was fretting and tense because he could not be the one protecting his Mate.

Giltaan paused in the darkness of an overhang. This portion of the alley was so dimly lit that any passerby would be unlikely to see him. A demon though, would have no trouble spotting his huge shaggy form. Giltaan hummed and his rawllane rose to his call, weaving a cloaking spell that would hide him from any eyes, mortal or demonic. His power sigils glowed, twining gracefully around his forelegs and down to his front paws in a pattern of whorls and spirals. They flared a brilliant blue-white before dimming again to his regular fur pattern as the spell settled over him, blending him into the background. He set out again on his circuit, a deeper shadow gliding through the wet night moving silently from alley to concealing trees and doorways as he circled and circled, ever alert.

In the earliest morning hours, he spotted it. A smear of yellow detached from a pool of light and slunk down the alley. The demonling was still in the Other, its energies bleeding through the Veil and onto the Earthplane. It looked like a misshapen child with limbs that bent at awkward, unnatural angles. Were Giltaan alone, the thing would be harder to catch over there where its magical energies were naturally stronger. Luckily, he had reinforcements on the Other side of the Veil. Peeling his lips back, he bared gleaming fangs in a silent snarl and called to his en-malat siblings with the barest whisper of rawllane. He didn’t want to alert the minion to their presence. Yet.

+++ Geremy, Gondar! Draw nigh but carefully. Do not spook the demonling. We need to catch it, not scare it away. +++ Giltaan watched them, peering through the Veil to see his brothers crouch low and stalk the sickly yellow form. When they got in position, Giltaan let loose a howl that released his rawllane in a trapping spell he flung at the demonling.

Giltaan was fast, but having to cast through the Veil slowed his spell. The demon dodged and the spell splashed against the rocky landscape of the Other, dissipating in a cloud of bright blue sparks. The saithe minion paused to gloat, dancing in the fading glimmers.

+++ Now what you do, wolfie? Heh? Stuck there on the Earthplane, you can’t get through the Veil fast enough to get me! +++ The ghastly thing chortled. But in stopping to taunt Giltaan, it made a fatal mistake, forgetting that an en-malat’s siblings were usually close by in the Other. Gondar’s massive clawed hands closed around the demon and his snapping fangs cut off its scream of terror. The giant morphos spat out the demon’s head, tongue lolling between his long lupine jaws.

+++Nasty taste, +++ he complained, wrinkling his lips and nose so hard the broad expanse of dark sable fur between his wide-set eyes buckled into deep furrows.

On the streets of Olympia, Giltaan whined and sank onto his haunches, dropping his head between his forelegs. Gondar peered across the Veil, triangular ears perked and head tilted inquiringly, perplexed by Giltaan’s reaction. In the Other, Geremy reached up to pat his brother morphos’ thickly furred and muscled shoulder. His tall form was dwarfed by Gondar’s nine-foot frame.

Giltaan heard him soothe Gondar. +++ I think, my brother, that Giltaan would have preferred you to simply catch the saithe. Not kill him. +++ At Gondar’s wordless cry of outrage, Geremy amended his statement. +++ Forgive me. I meant, not kill the demon yet. +++

Gondar tossed the headless carcass aside, kicking it for good measure with one long-toed foot before sinking onto his haunches.

+++ Catch saithe. Kill saithe. +++ The morphos shook his head so hard, his ears flapped against his broad skull, then wiped at his jaws with taloned hands, still trying to get the taste of demon out of his mouth. Demon blood burned, and now Gondar was spitting and hacking.

+++ Must go wash this foulness away! +++ He rose onto his hind legs, striding away on toes that swept up to sharply angled hocks. He moved deeper into the Other where he would find fresher water than the stuff right here next to the Veil. The taint of the city bled through into the realms for a distance, making the normally pastoral Other bleak and desolate.

Geremy Changed places with Giltaan, stepping through the Veil and back on to the Earthplane. It would be easier for him to get back to Seattle from Olympia than a massive gold wolf the size of a small horse. His brother whined with relief to escape from the smells and filth of the city, following his morphos sibling into the deeps of the Other. Geremy felt like whining himself while looking at the brightly lit lobby of the Governor hotel.

His Mate was in there, sleeping safely now. He and his brothers had foiled another saithe attack.


This is Lupine, first in the Becoming Pack series. Many revisions and re-writes later I’ve got it ready to go. Publishing here we come!