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Weird Weekend – Reincarnation


That word conjures up a lot, doesn’t it?  Have you ever discussed, or considered that you may have lived a life, or many lives before?  Some are vehemently opposed to it, for religious, non-religious or scientific reasons.  Some believe it’s a lie of the devil.    Others point to the fact that there are more people alive today than in the past.  Their rationale follows; if we’re living over and over again, why would population numbers rise?

The question is often framed as:  Do you believe is reincarnation?  Or:  Is reincarnation real?  Very loaded questions.  If you ask the first, well, the answer is predicated upon the belief system of the person being asked.  A devout Christian will likely answer in the negative.  A Buddhist will give you an absolute affirmative.  Both are following spiritual belief systems, both have very different views of what happens to a soul after physical death of the body it inhabits.

Similarly the question of ‘real’ is going to depend on the views of the person answering.  To someone who thinks the concept of the soul is nonsense, or just superstition, asking if reincarnation is ‘real’ will only gain you rolled eyes and perhaps a snort of derision.  People who only consider scientifically verifiable facts as ‘real’ are unlikely to spend much time pondering the reality of the soul, or it’s disposition after death.

What if ‘belief’ was not necessary?  What if this world that we think of as ‘reality’ is only a stage for learning life lessons?  What if ‘real life’ is really on the other side of physical death?

I was listening to the September 11, 2012 podcast of Coast to Coast AM recently.  The guest that night was Rich Martini, an author and filmmaker who has looked at past-life regression cases and the experiences people have between lives.  He has a film and a book called Flipside, where he interviews hypnotherapists trained by Dr. Michael Newton and examines their cases.  Dr. Newton developed the Life Between Lives hypnotherapy method to help people access their soul memory.

After regressing 7000 people, a number of consistencies arose in the stories of what happens after death.  A meeting with loved ones and spirit guides who comprise your soul group, a review of the life just lived, planning the next life to be lived, and making agreements with the others in the soul group on who is going to play what parts in the upcoming incarnation.

Mr. Martini frequently used the analogy that life on earth is like performing a play on a stage.  Everyone in your life has a role to act out; as in a well-plotted story, the villain has a purpose as much as the good guy, who frequently learns a valuable lesson through the conflict.  Who plays the good guy and who plays the villain is something that is predetermined before birth in the between life stage, and roles are often swapped in multiple lives.  We are given the stage, but not a script.

So many other questions arise.  What about good and evil?  Why do some people do bad things?  Why, if we ‘choose’ this life, would bad things happen in it?  The answer is 42 (thank you, Douglas Adams, where ever you are now).  The answer makes no sense, because you don’t really understand the question.  It can be very hard for those of us on this side of the veil to understand why bad things happen, however once on the other side, these reasons become clear.  We only really understand when we are between lives.

Personally, I have had a past life regression that had a dramatic impact on me.  I went with a friend one day, about twenty years ago to a group regression session.  A little background:  since I was a little girl (like 3 or 4 years old) I had this horrible fear of dying in a submarine.  I had recurring dreams about it.  On my first visit to Disneyland I flat refused to get on the Submarine Voyage until my parents pointed out the submarine never actually submerged.  I can still remember tearfully asking, “It never goes under water?”  Only that reassurance convinced me it was okay to get on the ride.

Fast forward to my past life regression.  I found myself in a German U-boat that was sinking fast from a near miss.  The crew was in utter chaos, shouts in German, blaring alarms and flickering, fading lights filled my vision.  Nothing could stop our descent to the bottom, and soon we were in pitch black.  The hull crumpled after we hit bottom, we had enough time to realize we were all going to die.  My last thought was of my wife and son, left behind, and I could see them waving goodbye to me.  It was at this point the group leader brought us out of the regression, and I was still in the midst of dying and remembering my family.  To put it simply, I lost it.  I sat up, crying, sobbing and hysterical.  I brought the whole group to a standstill, the leader had to come over to help me, and my friend was looking at me like I’d grown a second head.  I know you don’t know me, but I don’t get hysterical.  You can’t, when you’re working with animals that might kill you.  I don’t have panic attacks, and I certainly don’t break down in front of groups, I hate having that sort of attention directed at me.  Yet, there I was in full meltdown.  Fortunately, the group leader was experienced enough to help me out, and I calmed down.

I have never had a submarine dream since.   I can look at submarines now without feeling short of breath, where previously, just seeing them in pictures or a movie would make me feel like walls were closing in and I couldn’t take a deep breath.  That whole irrational phobia has simply evaporated.

Was I once a German sailor on a lost U-boat?  I would love to take another regression and see if I can find out more details.  Do you think you have lived previous lives?  Are you interested in finding out more?  Have you had a past life regression session?  Check out Wikipedia for a really good article with lots of links about real research into past lives, and regression therapy.

20 thoughts on “Weird Weekend – Reincarnation”

  1. This is a super cool post, Serena. I’m a believer that something happens after death. There are just too many unexplained circumstances for me not to think that. Your U Boat experience gives me chills. What in interesting thing to find out about yourself!

  2. I’ve had a couple of regressions by different people. very interesting although not as dramatic as this. I’ve also had some significant precognitive dreams and incredible deja vu times. fortunately I agree with you – we’re here to learn and we go from this play to another. so it isn’t scary, it’s just part of life.

  3. I never went on a necessarily guided or group regression. I have had a meditation turn into a past-life revelation, however. I was working with a guide and struggling with some of my relationship issues and the guide took me to the Akashic records where I was allowed to see a past life that I had made some mistakes in – mistakes I still needed, at that time, to find resolution with the souls effected. The past life was in the 1400’s in France during the time of Joan of Arc as she was freeing France from British rule.

  4. Your past life story is really intriguing. I’m fascinated by reincarnation but not sure if I believe it. I always have to ask, what about heaven? Don’t we go to heaven when we die and catch up with all our loved ones who have passed away?
    I would love to find out if I had past lives.

    1. I don’t have a good answer for what about heaven. Most near-death experiencers, and in the case of Dr. Newton, all his test subjects, report meeting up with loved ones in the between-life phase. They even report pets greeting them, which I think is kinda cool.

  5. Very interesting post Serena! I am curious about reincarnation. I’ve always had this feeling that for me there was something significant about the ocean in some past life–in a scary way.

  6. Loved that you did this post. Reincarnation–for sure I believe it. I’ve had too many confirming experiences in my life to think otherwise.

    One experience in Mexico, at one of the pyramids at Coba, inspired me to write my first novel about a Mayan past life. (I hope to have it published by early next year.) It started with a deja vu feeling and then I knew things I couldn’t know and followed those thoughts to an astounding discovery.

    Another experience similar to yours freed me of a deathly fear of speaking in front of others. I was stoned in a past life for speaking my mind in early Christian times. Just knowing about that freed me to speak in front of people after that.

      1. Funny, no, I am not a public speaker. I think you might like it though (my novel) as it is about a past Mayan life that is coming forward to affect the life of a present day woman. Will let you know more when I find out.

  7. Great post, Serena. I’m in the reincarnation camp. I’ve have visions on one life that led me to write my first novel and when I had completed it, the visions and dreams stopped. As far as effects of that knowledge, it would seem that I wrote my own story, though I didn’t realize it until about a year ago when I freed myself from an unwanted relationship. The end of the story has yet to play out. This should be interesting :).

    Since then, though, I’ve had flashes here and there of past lives (a soldier in the 1700s I think, as a Native American, and I think in medieval times when I lost someone I loved to battle wounds), but nothing takes hold in my mind. I’ve tried regression techniques via Dr. Brian Weiss’ regression CDs, but haven’t been able to get deep enough to even start. Perhaps there is a block of some type? It’s not the time for me to gain that knowledge? I don’t know, but I would really love to do some more regression. I was told, though, that everything is in place for me to do this, but I’m trying too hard and I just need to chill out. Ugh. I don’t know if I know how to do that. 🙂 Always a work in progress.

    1. It’s cool when you get those flashes of insight, isn’t it? A little peek at your spirit in another body, another life. But yeah, I know what you mean about just needing to chill. I’ve had my guides tell me on more than one occasion I need to stop, and focus. That I scatter my energies trying to do/learn too much at once. I’m (slowly) reading a book by Robert Moss called Dreaming The Soul Back Home. It primarily deals with soul retrieval, but he says you can learn techniques to re-enter your dreams consciously, while awake, and get the learning you need from them. Many of my dreams are of past lives, and they tend to fade to just feelings and a few images when I wake, so I’m hoping to train myself to explore those further. As you say though, that is indeed a work in progress. One that’s hardly started at this point, but I’ll get there. Always great to hear your stories, Diana, thanks for sharing!

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