Weird Weekend – How Real Is The Paranormal?

It’s all just in your head.

You have a very active imagination.

You should pay attention to the real world and not a bunch of made up ‘stuff.’

I use the word ‘stuff’ here because the actual word involved male cattle and their end products.  I get that a lot of my interests are found on the fringes of normal.  I love a good conspiracy theory, and I read books that many would dismiss as pure fantasy.  I’ve been told everything above more times than I can count.  If you read back through my blog you’ll see that I’ve had plenty of encounters with the otherworldly.

When does a first-hand account matter, and when is it dismissed?  Is the only evidence necessary that which we see or feel?  Does something have to be measurable by current technology to be valid?

What happens when science starts to catch up to theory, or myth?

Have you heard of Michiu Kaku?  He is the co-founder of string theory which is said to bridge the gap between classical and quantum physics.  Dang, I sounded smart just there, didn’t I?  I’m not much of a physicist, so I rely on sites like this one to help me through.  Parts of string theory rely on the existence of other dimensions than the four we are used to; height, length, width and time.  I have to ask, if there can be extra dimensions, why couldn’t there be worlds, or intelligences that exist within them, just as we exist in the dimensions of the ‘real’ world?

Do you want to automatically say No?  Why?  Do you see the possibilities and also wonder?

What if our myths, legends and religious tales stemmed from breaks in those dimensional barriers, and those other beings crossing over?  What if some people here on Earth were able see through those dimensions, to the worlds beyond?

Have you seen a ghost?  What if tales of things such as demi-gods, werewolves, vampires, or other paranormal creatures like centaurs and dragons were glimpses into dimensions just next to ours?  Are people who report, and consider such things merely delusional?  Why have such stories persisted through the centuries?  Have you seen something you couldn’t explain, and didn’t report because you were afraid people would think you were crazy?  Will you share it with us here?  Were you peering through the walls that separate those dimensions we’ve not yet learned to measure?

23 thoughts on “Weird Weekend – How Real Is The Paranormal?

  1. hmcmullin says:

    I really don’t like the term ghost, because it tends to conjure up Halloween and flying sheets, but I know there’s something there – whatever you want to call it/them – and ghost seems the best term.. I’ve never seen a ghost, but I’ve certainly felt several. I think they’re there – somewhere or some time. I believe there is “the other side,” whatever it may be, perhaps another dimension(s) – and sometimes ours and another come close enough we feel or even see who ever is on the other side. Doesn’t particularly scare me – I just what to know what’s there.

    • Serena Dracis, Author says:

      I know what you mean about the word ‘ghost’ and cultural associations that go along with it. I use ghost, because it does have that instant recognition. I like spirit, but I really like the word ‘being’ although I’m not consistent about using it in my blog. For me, that is a fairly neutral word with few negative connotations, and these people are still ‘alive’ and conscious, just not in the sense humans usually mean it. They are in a different state of being.

  2. deborahjhughes says:

    I had a parakeet (cage and all) disappear for a week! Then it just reappeared one day…food and water dishes full…cage clean. The most bizarre mystery ever. Where did it go? That was just one of many strange things that happened in my spooky old house.

      • deborahjhughes says:

        I don’t recall the bird acting differently after his return. A few months later I had a dream that he flew away and the next day it happened exactly as I dreamed it! We had things disappear all the time and reappear in the oddest places…or not reappear at all. Needless to say, we lost a lot of things in that house. I do wonder what happened to them? Really…where exactly do they go? I did blog about the parakeet incident but will be doing so again as I’m doing a blog series on the ghostly happenings in that spooky old house.

  3. Debra Eve says:

    I’m a great fan of Michio Kaku. He’s a fantastic writer, which is enviable considering what a genius he is. His parallel universe theories are compelling. Like Deborah, I had a weird disappearance once: a whole set of keys. They reappeared three months later on my couch. Not in between the cushions. Right on the couch, where I sat every day. I lived alone at the time. Really bizarre. Good stuff, Serena!

    • Serena Dracis, Author says:

      I haven’t read Michiu Kaku yet, just heard him speak on the radio but he is fascinating to listen to. I’ll have to check out one of his books sometime. How weird about the disappearances! The ghost at the zoo used to find lost keys all the time; they’d be on the desk after searching everywhere, but he wouldn’t take them. Odd that you and Deborah have had things taken, then returned. Did you have any other unusual happenings in the house?

  4. Coleen Patrick says:

    My dad used to live in Old Town Alexandria, VA and once my sister and I stayed there alone while passing thru town. My dad jokingly mentioned a ghost–we thought he was being funny (he’s more of a skeptic) and so before my sister and I went off to bed we joked around that we needed a wake up call (to this supposed ghost) at a specific time. Then I said, but don’t wake me up at 6 am. Well, what do you know? Something woke me up when it was still dark–all i know is I sat right up in bed. I got up, checked my phone and it was 6am. A ghost with a sense of humor? 🙂

  5. Emma says:

    When you mentioned String Theory I immediately thought of The Big Bang Theory. I think Leonard works on that 🙂 I’ve never seen a ghost but I’m open to the possibility of ‘otherwordly’ experiences.

    • Serena Dracis, Author says:

      Didn’t Leonard and sort of girlfriend Leslie Winkle break up because he was a string theory guy? I love BBT, it’s one of my favorites! Being open to the possibility is the first step to seeing one. 😉

      • Emma says:

        I can’t remember why they broke up but poor Leonard gets a lot of stick from Sheldon about his ‘silly job’!

      • Serena Dracis, Author says:

        He does take a lot from Sheldon. I just love how Sheldon gets all the best lines. He is such the super-villian in training. I remember in one episode he said something like “If I had a death ray I’d be sitting on my own island counting the millions that everyone’s paid me for NOT using my death ray!”

  6. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    I’ve never seen a ghost, but I have friends who have. I remember your post about the ghost in the hospital. You handled that guy very well. Yep, you’re like a real life Ghost Whisperer. I’m not sure what I would have done.

  7. Louise Behiel says:

    I have never seen a ghost but I have had a number of deja vu types of experiences, some going on for several minutes. I also have pre-cognitive dreams which are weird because they’re so clearly laying out the future.

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