Take A Break Tuesday

You’ve had a long, difficult work week. Yesterday was Monday for cryin’ out loud!  Now it’s Tuesday evening and you still need to make it through Hump Day tomorrow and then you’re still staring down the barrel of Thursday and Friday before the weekend comes around once more.

Take a deep breath, it’ll get here.  It always does.  For now though, you should sit back and enjoy these funny animal videos.  All will make you giggle, or say awwwww, and who doesn’t need an extra dose of that right about now?

I love a good bath too, Casper.

Lots of warm fuzzies from a bunch of warm fuzzies.

My dogs can relate.  My Lab is always underfoot when I’m in the kitchen, giving me this look that  says, ‘I’m starving, can’t you see?  Dinner was 20 minutes ago!  Would it kill you to let some of that hit my mouth?’

Feel better now?  Brain synapses are all happy again after that interlude?

What do your animals do that makes you laugh or break into a sappy smile?




8 thoughts on “Take A Break Tuesday

  1. Anonymous says:

    My cat pretends to scratch my shoelaces on my shoe… its so cute. Today I was at the computer and she got in my lap and stood there with her head draped over one of my arms… standing, yet completely cuddling me, for at least 15 straight minutes. Heart melting!

  2. Louise Behiel says:

    My dog loved for me to open a desk drawer and put a pillow in it for him to lie down and sleep while I wrote. He’d stay with me as long as I was at my desk.

    these videos are so cute. I have never seen a dog relax like this one…amazing.

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