Friends In Unexpected Places

I’ve worked in a few hospitals, and as you might imagine, they are just full of the spirits of the deceased.  People pass suddenly, people pass silently, and people pass into spirit surrounded by their loved ones at the end of life.  Some move on right away, but some stick around for a while. One… Continue reading Friends In Unexpected Places


I Also Train Dogs

I have been fortunate to have two (soon to be three) very rewarding careers.  In my first career I trained animals, all kinds of animals:  sea lions, wolves, birds of prey, cats big and not so big, even a porcupine.  I also taught dog obedience classes.  It was a great career when I was younger,… Continue reading I Also Train Dogs

Paranormal, Spirituality

The Science of Spirituality

    The skeptic and the believer; two sides of the same coin. I listen to Coast to Coast AM.  I was even on the show recently; as a caller on their annual Ghost to Ghost, Halloween show.  I was the last caller of the night, and I told this story about a haunted youth… Continue reading The Science of Spirituality


Who’s Worth Watching on Wednesday?

Since October I’ve been participating in an online course in blogging, branding, and social media taught by Kristen Lamb.  It’s been eye-opening to say the least, but it’s also been incredibly helpful.  Along the way, I’ve found myself in the company of some pretty amazing people, my WANA1011 classmates.  I am so new to writing… Continue reading Who’s Worth Watching on Wednesday?


Is It A Ghost?

I’ve run into two types of paranormal activity associated with the spirits of humans who’ve died.  First, there are the earthbound spirits I’ve been detailing so far; these are beings who cling to life, and the earth, and have the intellect to interact with those of us still incarnate.  These are what we usually think… Continue reading Is It A Ghost?


I Married Han Solo

    Yeah, you know you’re jealous.  Yes, Han Solo is mine, all mine!  Too bad ladies! What is it about the bad boy?  Or, excuse me, you know the word as well as I do…scoundrel.  Didn’t you’re heart just melt in ‘Empire’ when he held Leia’s hands and whispered those lines?  “You like me… Continue reading I Married Han Solo