Serena Dracis

Paranormal Author

Drawn to the weird? Seeking the supernatural? In love with the paranormal?

Find what your soul is seeking here.

Serena Dracis writes about the paranormal. An experiencer and practitioner for 30 years, she shares her practices and techniques for developing psychic abilities.

You know you’re psychic. It’s part of being human. There are a ton of techniques, methods, and schools of thought out there on how to access and develop psychic gifts. My book provides the fundamentals that will help you progress no matter which system you use so that you can progress and develop according to your own individual alignment.

With these clear, step-by-step instructions you’ll soon be incorporating these techniques into your everyday life.

Become more spiritual and connected, even in modern society.

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Serena also writes fiction. Stories to leave you breathless, characters to fall in love with.

Lupine - a whole new breed of shifter.

Soulmates aren’t always human…

Alisa Nelson’s life is simply perfect—fight for the environment and party in Seattle’s club scene. Until Geremy St. Audlin, her scrumptious new client rocks her world. Her goal: get the permits finalized for his new wolf preserve, then get him out of her life. Before his piercing amber gaze and searing touch lures her into breaking her cardinal rule—never mix business with pleasure!


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