Breaking Away From Ordinary

I never could follow the herd. I have always had this deep need to seek out the mysterious and numinous. Combine a voracious reading habit with a brain that never stops asking ‘Why?’ and you get the delightfully eclectic combination of topics that fascinate me.

  • Paranormal
  • UFO’s
  • Spirituality/Metaphysics

Broach one of these subjects in mixed company and you’re likely to get jokes and ridicule. News anchors love to snicker at ghost and UFO videos when they actually do make the news. But if you scratch just a little bit, scrape away the veneer of social conditioning, you’ll find the ones who who’ve experienced the strange, the unexplained, the just plain weird.

  • The airline pilot who saw a strange craft, unlike anything made by humans.
  • The executive who feels connected to a powerful presence during meditation.
  • The nurse who bumps into a patient that died the night before.

Ordinary people who experience extraordinary things, and then never, ever mention them to anyone because they don’t want to seem crazy. Is that you? Good! You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. But you are different, now. Because suddenly your world paradigm has been irretrievably altered. The impossible has become very real, and that can be a scary thing indeed.

It’s okay. You’re in the right place.  What ever your particular flavor of paranormal interest, you’re sure to find something to intrigue or inform here. These are non-fiction accounts, many of them my first-hand experiences, but also explorations of noted authors and researchers in these fields.

The link to The Fiction Area takes you to posts about my own fiction, as well as reviews of books by other authors I love and want to share with you. My first novel, Lupine, is soon to be published, and I’m hard at work getting the second book written. Check there for updates and excerpts.

The following resonates deeply with me:

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Or as I like to simply say, I embrace my crazy.

Visitations and interactions with beings from other places have been going on for as long as there have been humans on Earth. The shamans, midwives, witches and wisdom keepers have always known this. It’s only in the last 200-ish years that science has told us “that’s impossible” and “you’re crazy to think that.”

But, truth is not found exclusively in peer-reviewed journals.

So break away from the ordinary, and accept who you are and your experiences completely. Discover how wondrous the world really is.